CAPACOCHA is a forgotten pre-columbien ballgame where 2 teams are pitched against one another in heated matches.

Taking place in a circular arena where the goal cages are orbiting around the field, you win by throwing balls, friends and foes alike in the opposing goal to score the most points!

The game was made by a team composed of more than 20 people and supervised by employees from GAMELOFT.

My role :

  • Designing the whole experience (intentions,
    user experience...)

  • Defining mechanics to answer to those intentions

  • Finding gameplay answers and solutions to Gameloft employees feedbacks

  • Writing documents to communicate with Gameloft and teammates (game design document, gameloops, tactical loops...)

Made with Marc Bonte, Thibault Moulin, Clément Thomas, Benoît Vidot, Pierre Martinez, Maïté Vendewalle, Arielle Grosjean, Clément Rigondet, Romain Tresarrieu, Nicolas Pankowiak, Guillaume Cremese, Flavien Birette, Antoine Villecroze, Laura Chan, Anaïs Jeancenelle, Téo Hajzler, Thibault Hubert, Guillaume Rivière, Lili Csonka, Victor Decscamps